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Disc 1

1.  Gib ein Riff vor (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)

2.        Locomotive breath (Anderson)

3.        Wish you were here (Gilmore, Waters)

4.        Erster Blues (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)

5.        Willin' to play Willin' (George)   

6.        Willin' another try (George)

7.        Willin' (George)
Detlev on acoustic guitars, mandoline, background vocals, Felyx on lead vocals and lead guitar, Oliver on bass and background vocals

8.        Whiskey in the jar (trad.)

9.        Dirty old town (MacColl)

10.   Learning to fly (Petty)  

11.   Norwegian wood rehearsal (Lennon, McCartney)

12.   Norwegian wood (Lennon, McCartney)

13.      Was wollen wir trinken (trad., Sanders, Lerryn, Wallraff)

14.   Another brick in the wall part I and II (Waters)

15.   Ghostriders in the sky (Cash)

Disc 2

16.   Nothing ever happens (Currie, Harvie)

17.   Zweiter Blues (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)

18.      Golden Brown first take (The Stranglers)

19.   Golden Brown second take (The Stranglers)

20.   Dritter Blues (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)
Detlev on bass (center), Oliver on electric guitar (left channel

21.   In the ghetto original recording (Davis)
Detlev solo

22.   In the ghetto (Davis)
Detlev solo

23.   Harp Intermezzo (Maass)
Felyx Solo

24.   The valley of unrest (Böhm, Poe)   
Detlev on acoustic guitars and vocals, Felyx on Melodica, Nadja, Petra, Felyx, Oliver on background vocals

25.   Bye (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)

26.   Welthit take 5 (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)

27.   Welthit take 10 (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)

28.   Welthit unplugged (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)

29.   Making of Welthit (Böhm, Kalpen, Maass)



All tracks played by Detlev (left channel: electric and acoustic guitars, vocals), Felyx (right channel: electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, vocals), Oliver (center: bass, vocals) if not stated otherwise. All songs recorded and mastered by Oliver.